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    Switch to specifying rendered output in pixels, not as a scale · 6b50ba71
    Owen W. Taylor authored
    Passing a scale to the backend meant that we were implicitly counting
    on the backend code and front-end code to do exactly the same calculation
    to get the rendered size of a page. Instead switch to passing a
    target size in pixels to the backend.
    This, among other things, allows us to make sure that we render at a size
    that is integer device pixels in both X and Y directions.
    ev-render-context.[ch]: Add ev_render_context_set_target_size() and
    three helper functions:
     ev_render_context_compute_scaled_size(): get the pixel size to render at
     ev_render_context_compute_transformed_size(): size including effect of rotation
     ev_render_context_compute_scales(): get the corresponding xscale/yscale.
    ev-jobs.[ch]: Add ev_job_thumbnail_new_with_target_size(), and pass the
    target size for thumbnail and render jobs (which already had a target
    size) to the backends.
    backend/*: Use the helper functions rather than directly accessing
    ev-pixbuf-cache.c ev-view.c ev-view-presentation.c ev-sidebar-thumbnails.c
    ev-window.c: Switch to passing target sizes rather than scales when
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