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    Use GtkFileChooserNative for open/save dialogs · 26ca8c65
    Adrián Pérez de Castro authored
    This fixes bug #779922, making Epiphany a better citizen in the world of
    sanboxed applications, and potentially when running under non-GNOME DEs
    as well.
    The ephy_file_chooser_new() function is turned into an utility function
    which instantiates a GtkFileChooserNative under the hood, returning it
    as a GtkFileChooser* to keep most of the rest of the Epiphany code
    unchanged, saving for:
    - Calls are changed to gtk_native_dialog_* where appropriate.
    - The preview widget is gone, as it is not supported by native dialogs.
    - All the calls to ephy_file_chooser_new() pass in a valid parent
      GtkWindow, so the code that handled NULL parents is gone.