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    shell: Use a different application-id for web apps · 2ddf52db
    Florian Müllner authored
    Since epiphany renamed its .desktop file, web apps no longer appear
    as separate applications in GNOME, but are all grouped under the
    regular epiphany application. This happens because the GApplication
    ID is among the properties gnome-shell uses to match a .desktop file
    to a window, and as that match now succeeds, the WM_CLASS that points
    to the correct .desktop file is not used at all.
    It may be nice to make web apps' .desktop files use reverse notation
    as well in the future and use a matching GApplication ID, but for now
    just using an ID that cannot be resolved to a .desktop file is enough
    to make gnome-shell fall back to matching on the WM_CLASS again.