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Add menu option to set image sort order.

Martin van Zijl requested to merge martinvanzijl/eog:issue-74-sort-order into master

Fixes #74. This adds a menu to set the sort/navigation order of the images. Based on patch from Bugzilla issue #448979.

Currently there are six options:

  • A-Z
  • Z-A
  • Modified Time Ascending
  • Modified Time Descending
  • File Size Ascending
  • File Size Descending

This is also saved as a preference. I.e. if you set the sort order to "Z-A", the next time you start the program it will still sort by "Z-A". However, since this requires a change to the gsettings schema, you currently have to set the schema directory manually to test this. From the "build" directory:


Screenshot below:


Video below:


Still to do:

  • Store the selected sort order as a preference.
  • Add a command line option for initial sort order.
  • (Future) Add an option to match the Nautilus file browser sort setting for the directory (if possible).
  • (Future) Use radio-buttons for the menu instead of check-boxes.
  • (Future) Perhaps simplify options, e.g. to just "Alphabetically" and "By Date Modified", both ascending.
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