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Use last features provided by glib and some cleanups

Krifa75 requested to merge Krifa75/eog:update into master


this MR intends to use last features provided by glib and replacing the include guards by pragma once.

The last features from GLib I'm talking about are :

  • Using g_autoptr/g_clear_*
  • Replacing the boilerplate code by G_DECLARE_*

What I wish to do at the same time :

  • Creating an ui file for each source file
  • Removing unnecessary includes (for example eog-thumbnail.c include eog-list-store.h but is not used)
  • Removing the private structure (changing G_DEFINE_TYPE_WITH_PRIVATE with G_DEFINE_FINAL_TYPE)
  • (Don't know if it's a convention) Renaming the variable of the class by self (example: eog_thumb_nav_foo (EogThumbNav *self)).

I'm probably wrong, but I think it may be a good start before porting to GTK4 especially using the ui files.

This is just a start but if you don't agree with this please let met know so that I close the MR and we forget this :)

Thanks ! 😄

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