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    [transform] initial rotation support for "Standard - Image" · 12766309
    Hans Breuer authored
    Introduce DiaRenderer::draw_rotated_image() and move some code to helper
    functions for reuse. Implement DiaCairoRenderer::draw_rotated_image() for
    testing the new functionality (mainly with transform-variations.svg).
    Give "Standard - Image" an angle property: copy, load, save it.
    Set Image::angle in image_transform().
    Unrelated: use element_update_connections_rectangle() to ensure proper
    directions initialization with less code.
    Open issues:
     - for now only the cairo renderer implements draw_image_rotated()
     - either the angle should be limited like for "Standard - Box" or the
       connection point directions for angles outside [-45...45deg] must be fixed
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