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Draft: Port to Gtk4

Philipp Unger requested to merge philippun1/connections:gtk4 into master

Initial port to gtk4. Depdendencies which still rely on gtk3 are commented out for now (gtk-frdp, gtk-vnc). #106

  • Compile with gtk4 and migrate ui files
  • Use Adw instead of Hdy
  • Fix shortcuts
  • Fix reference dialogs
  • Fix onboarding dialog
  • Fix AdwHeaderbar look (the TopBar GtkStack probably has to be merged into one AdwHeaderbar)
  • Fix display-view (forward motion events to child)
  • Use RdwRdp.Display
  • Use RdwVnc.Display
  • Replace Notifications with Toasts (Auth notifications can't be done by toast)
  • Use AdwMessageDialog instead AuthNotification overlay
  • Shortcuts dialog
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