GNOME Calls 42.alpha.0

New features:

  • Avatars in the call history and call display
  • Avatars exposed over DBus so phosh show them on the lockscreen
  • Can silence ringing over DBus (used in phosh-antispam by Chris Talbot)

Maybe noteworthy:

  • Note to distribution packagers: Both Calls and current phosh (0.14.1) are embedding libcall-ui which will install translation files (typically installed to /usr/share/locale/*/LC_MESSAGES/ The next phosh version will default to not installing i18n files of libcall-ui (World/Phosh/phosh!963). For this version you should either cherry pick World/Phosh/phosh@b51e2001 or exclude when installing phosh's translations in your packaging.
  • Improved scrolling performance in the call history
  • Can use DTMF over DBus (used in phosh on the lockscreen)
  • Various UI fixes by Christopher Davis
  • Contributions by
  • Christopher Davis
  • Guido Günther
  • Dorota Czaplejewicz
  • Evangelos Ribeiro Tzaras

Translation updates:

  • Swedish (Anders Jonsson and Luna Jernberg)
  • Spanish (Jordi Mas i Hernandez)
  • Italian (Vittorio Monti)
  • Persian (Danial Behzadi)
  • Romanian (Daniel Șerbănescu)
  • Ukranian (Yuri Chornoivan)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (Rafael Fontenelle)

Detailed changes:

[ Evangelos Ribeiro Tzaras ]

  • po: Add missing files to
  • ci: Update from flatpak CI template
  • flatpak: Update manifest
  • main-window: Remove unused header
  • Remove unused typedef
  • call-window: Remove unused CALLS_WAYLAND ifdef
  • ci: Grab submodules by setting GIT_SUBMODULE_STRATEGY
  • po: Ignore subprojects
  • ci: Complain about untranslated ui files
  • Add libcall-ui as submodule
  • application: Initialize libcall-ui
  • call: Add API to query whether this call can do DTMF
  • Introduce CallsUiCallData to feed CuiDisplay
  • Switch from CallsCallDisplay to CuiCallDisplay
  • Remove CallsCallDisplay
  • ci: Use gcovr for coverage reports
  • coverage: Exclude subprojects and generated dbus code
  • meson: Don't build tests, examples or documentation for libcall-ui
  • Update libcall-ui submodule
  • call-data: Implement avatar property
  • record-row: Use avatars in history
  • po: Remove call display files
  • Remove encryption indicator
  • best-match: Rename best_match variable to matched_individual
  • call-data: Fix assertion in notify handlers
  • Update libcall-ui
  • call-data: Notify on avatar changes
  • README: Drop code coverage report
  • README: Mark oFono backend as not actively developed
  • README: Overhaul readme
  • README: Add backend specific debugging information
  • call: Get rid of tone_stop
  • call: Get rid of unnecessary cast to int
  • dummy: Add dummy send_dtmf_tone function
  • util: Make dtmf tone checking function public
  • tests: Add dtmf tone validity tests
  • dbus: Set can-dtmf property
  • dbus: Add API to send DTMF
  • ci: Fix regex for reporting code coverage
  • project: Post release version bump
  • Update libcall-ui: Fix display showing number twice when not a contact
  • record-row: Removed unused define
  • call-window: codestyle
  • call-window: Delay closing window
  • flatpak: Poke hole to talk to callaudiod
  • flatpak: Poke hole to talk to feedbackd
  • ci: Drop pedantic metainfo validation job
  • ci: Drop debian bookworm packaging job
  • ci: Use PKG_ONLY variable to exclude flatpak job
  • application: Codestyle
  • history-box: Codestyle
  • application: Chain up shutdown
  • record-store: Get rid of unused code
  • call: Rename property from "number" to "id"
  • ringer: codestyle
  • ringer: Refactor to keep track of ongoing calls
  • ringer: Disconnect signal handlers on dispose
  • ringer: Track ringer state
  • ringer: Don't warn if feedback triggering got cancelled
  • ringer: Make sure to reset feedback profile if not set to "quiet"
  • ringer: Add debugging
  • call: Add API to silence ringing
  • ringer: Check if incoming call is silenced
  • d/control: Add cmocka dependency
  • flatpak: Add cmocka dependency
  • tests: Add ringer tests
  • ringer: Add is-quiet property and getter
  • ringer: Restart ringer if quiet parameter changed
  • test: ringer: Test quiet ringing * call-window: Clear handle id when hiding call window
  • call-window: Use g_clear_handle_id instead of emulating it
  • dbus: Add method to silence ringing
  • record-row: Codestyle
  • tests: util: Codestyle
  • util: Add API to query call icon names
  • tests: util: Unit test call icon name function
  • record-row: Use API to query call icon name
  • record-row: Only create popover when needed
  • Document and release 41.1

[ Anders Jonsson ]

  • Update Swedish translation
  • Update Swedish translation
  • Update Swedish translation

[ Vittorio Monti ]

  • po: Update Italian translation
  • Update Italian translation

[ Jordi Mas i Hernandez ]

  • Update Catalan translation

[ Guido Günther ]

  • dbus: Expose path to avatar icon file if it exists

[ Dorota Czaplejewicz ]

  • gitlab: Update bug template

[ Christopher Davis ]

  • main-window: Remove unused placeholder text
  • Remove history-header-bar.ui
  • history-box: Use HdyStatusPage for empty state
  • contacts-box: mimmic HdyStatusPage styling for contacts
  • flatpak: Use builddir: true
  • new-call-box: Clamp everything
  • application: Opt in to libhandy dark style preference
  • application: Check libhandy version at compilation
  • style: Make error color white in both light and dark mode
  • ui: Remove explicit can-focus

[ Yuri Chornoivan ]

  • Update Ukrainian translation

[ Danial Behzadi ]

  • Update Persian translation

[ Daniel Șerbănescu ]

  • Update Romanian translation
  • Update Romanian translation

[ Rafael Fontenelle ]

  • Update Brazilian Portuguese translation