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Port to GTK4

Anton Lazarev requested to merge antonok/calls:gtk4 into main

Closes #365 (closed)

Current status:

  • All tests are passing
  • The image on the About page is broken It's the same in the upstream build. Probably needs a proper .desktop file.
  • Segfaults on termination are resolved
  • SIP plugin account window seems to work correctly (although I don't have an actual SIP account, more testing would be appreciated)
  • Made a real call, and it worked (to the extent that the hardware is supported 😅)
  • Unrelated aarch64 CI failures are theoretically resolved now
  • CI needs to be updated so that we can use a more recent version of libadwaita (at least 1.3) using 1.2 as of !714 (comment 2069872)
  • Update to libcall-ui 0.2.0 release (blocked on World/Phosh/libcall-ui!86 (merged))
  • Other CI failures should(?) be resolved by @julianfairfax's MR to align with the upstream Flatpak configuration
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