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Add emergency numbers based on location

Guido Günther requested to merge guidog/calls:emc-loc into main

If available we use the current network mcc to get the list of emergency numbers. This gives us a fallback when there's no information on the SIM. While at that add the EU countries as they all support 112

Several topics should be considered:

  • We currently rely the location service to be enabled. We should likely enable it for a short time when needed (could be follow up). We can't just use geoclue as we don't get the country code from it (and we're in
  • We have a single list for lookups. Once we want to match number types but not add those as location base numbers we need to add a flag
  • We currently can't use the location service without SIM as MM goes into a failed state (I intend to look into that as a follow up on the MM side)
  • signalling emergency-numbers-changed when we update the origin's country code is not 100% clean, we could add an extra signal
  • Given that we seem to add more information it raises the question if we want to add a EMERGENCY_CALL_ORIGIN interface to group more of these functions (could also be follow up, just wanted to mention that we keep bolting onto the origin interface).

Helps #574 as we at least support SIMs now that don't have any emergency numbers stored

This should make emergency calling useful for way more people.

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