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    Update the MSVC Project Files · 0fef8bad
    Chun-wei Fan authored
    * MSVC_Net2005/gendef/gendef.vcproj:
      MSVC_Net2010/atkmm/atkmm.vcxproj: Clean up the project files by purging
      unneeded entries, macros and whitespace.
      Also improve on the project files by adding to the
      AdditionalIncludeDirectories and AdditionalLibraryDirectories so that
      they can find and use the deps from a local build directory instead
      of using builds in the global include and libs path.  This is useful when
      we are building an unstable release as unstable releases usually require
      the latest unstable releases of their respective deps, which we do not
      usually want to place where they are used globally.
      Fix the last commit to the ChangeLog file, as I forgot to change the
      email address in my last commit.
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