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cards: New card theme Tragy

Vincent Bermel requested to merge palob/aisleriot:tragy into master

Tragy SVG card theme, Polish index letters. JPG-compressed Bitmaps for court cards.

Copyright (C) Bruno Pellier

Copyright (C) (Matthew Simon Ryan Cavalletto)

Copyright (C) 2024 Vincent Bermel

License: GNU GPL 3.0 or later

Including bitmap images based on scans from by Bruno Pellier

which are licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY as stated here

and on my (Vincent Bermel) own scans of a 1979 reprint of the same card deck.

The card design is known as "Jugendstil" / "Art Noveau", was created by painter Otto Tragy (1866-1928) and first published in the 1890s by the former german playing card company" Altenburger Spielkartenfabrik Schneider & Co" which existed from 1893-1897 according to the following resources:

The cards remained in print until the 1930s, a limited reprint was issued in 1979.

Otto Tragy is stated the original designer in some of the resources below as well as on the box of the 1979 reprint.

More information: (select September/09)

Font used (converted to path, modified): Girassol (Open Font License (OFL))

Joker based on an image obtained from here:

which is taken from page 164 of the book "The Principles of Design" written and illustrated by George Woolliscroft Rhead (1855 – 1920), published in 1905.

Original icense is CC-BY-SA (if applicable to a public domain work) according to here:

Edited by Vincent Bermel

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