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    Add a window manager that retrieves screen coords from KWin · 6526519b
    Michael Weghorn authored
    Add a `KWinWindowManager` that can be used to retrieve
    window positions using the KWin window manager/Wayland
    compositor that is used on KDE Plasma by default.
    In order to do that, a JavaScript KWin script is used
    that retrieves the global/screen positions of windows
    using KWin's scripting API [1].
    The script can be loaded and run via DBus.
    (python3-dbus is used for this, added as a new dependency.)
    Unfortunately, the script output is currently not
    available via DBus, which seems to be a KDE bug,
    see [2] [3] [4].
    As a workaround, retrieve the script output
    from the journal using `journalctl` instead, see
    also the discussion in [4].
    For now, the Wnck-based window manager (that doesn't
    work on Wayland with native Wayland apps, see
    issue #41) remains the default.
    Use of the KWin window manager can explicitly
    be enabled by setting the environment variable
    (Adding some heuristics to choose a WindowManager
    might make sense at some point in the future once
    this is more feature-complete.)
    Using the new WindowManager in a KDE Plasma 5
    Wayland session on Debian testing
    (kwin-wayland at package version 4:5.27.10-1)
    results in objects in the a11y tree view
    being highlighted as expected in most, but not
    all cases yet:
    * Qt apps like the "standarddialogs" example
      from qtbase or the qt6-based LO variant
      work fine when run as a native Wayland
    * When run on XWayland (forced via `QT_QPA_PLATFORM=xcb`)
      the qtbase "standarddialogs" sample highlighting
      is slightly incorrect for the initial window; the window
      frame/decoration doesn't seem to be taken into account properly,
      so the highlighting rectangle is a bit too far up.
      The actual dialogs that can be run in that sample
      are handled correctly again, though.
    * GTK 4 application "transmission-gtk"
      (version 4.0.5-1) works fine.
    * for (GTK 3) gedit (version 46.1-3), the
      area highlighted for the top-level frame is
      odd, but anything else looks fine.
    * For gtk4-demo, the highlighted
      area is slightly off (maybe around 30
      pixels too far on the left and top).
    This partly solves #41 by providing an initial
    solution when KDE Plasma Wayland with KWin is used,
    at least for the highlighting part.
    More work is needed to make the quick select feature
    using the mouse position work as well.
    A similar approach should generally be possible for