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    Add a window manager that retrieves screen coords from KWin · 6526519b
    Michael Weghorn authored
    Add a `KWinWindowManager` that can be used to retrieve
    window positions using the KWin window manager/Wayland
    compositor that is used on KDE Plasma by default.
    In order to do that, a JavaScript KWin script is used
    that retrieves the global/screen positions of windows
    using KWin's scripting API [1].
    The script can be loaded and run via DBus.
    (python3-dbus is used for this, added as a new dependency.)
    Unfortunately, the script output is currently not
    available via DBus, which seems to be a KDE bug,
    see [2] [3] [4].
    As a workaround, retrieve the script output
    from the journal using `journalctl` instead, see
    also the discussion in [4].
    For now, the Wnck-based window manager (that doesn't
    work on Wayland with native Wayland apps, see
    issue #41) remains the default.
    Use of the KWin window manager can explicitly
    be enabled by setting the environment variable
    (Adding some heuristics to choose a WindowManager
    might m...