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- Decibels joined GNOME Incubator 🥳!
- As a consequence, the application ID changed to `org.gnome.Decibels`
- The application's source code is now hosted on GNOME Gitlab's instance instead of GitHub
- Only the header bar is now draggable, instead of the whole app window
- The app is more secure because it only uses the needed sandbox permissions
- Decibels no longer incorrectly advertises being able to open directories
- The waveform now looks better because it has slightly thicker lines
- Fixed crashes when handling invalid audio files
- Added keyboard controls for controlling playback
- It is now possible to scroll on the playback bar to seek forwards or backwards
- Decibels now shows the correct track's durations reliably instead of showing `1:40`
- The design of the app was improved with new icons and papercut fixes
- Added Spanish and updated the Chinese, Russian and Ukrainian translations