Port to Tracker 3

Open Carlos Garnacho requested to merge wip/carlosg/tracker3 into master

Make use of the new api and new data separation. Since GNOME Documents stores data (collections and other bits of data), this now goes on a private tracker DB at ~/.cache/org.gnome.Documents/db, while the rest of the data is obtained from the filesystem miner and gnome-online-miner services. The queries have been reworked to make this possible.

Also, adapt (or remove) the tracker tweaks that are not meant to be accessible in a sandboxed environment (and dubious in the first place), incl.:

  • Access to tracker settings
  • Requests to prioritize document files, this is now constrained to ~/Documents.
  • Indexing progress tracking.

Also update the flatpak definition to use a private tracker-miners 3.x instance if necessary, in the case it is not found in the host.

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