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    remove .asset.in copy in install-data-local added assetml dataset added · 8f679070
    Bruno Coudoin authored
    * Makefile.am: remove .asset.in copy in install-data-local
    * boards/click_on_letter.xml.in: added assetml dataset
    * boards/geography.xml.in: added assetml dataset
    * boards/money.xml.in: removed empty credits
    * boards/money_cents.xml.in: removed empty credits
    * boards/skins/default/button_style2.png: added here for maintenance
    * boards/skins/default/repeat.png: changed to a mouth
    * boards/sounds/de/colors/gcompris_colors_de.assetml.in: updated description field
    * boards/sounds/en/colors/gcompris_colors_en.assetml.in: updated description field
    * boards/sounds/fr/colors/gcompris_colors_fr.assetml.in: fixed yellow
    * gcompris.spec.in: fixed python requirement
    * src/boards/colors.c: (start_board): now the repeat icon is not display if sound is
    * src/boards/menu.c: (menu_create_item): manage assetml dataset in mandatory_sound_*
    * src/gcompris/bonus.c: (gcompris_display_bonus): fixed "good job" sounds to use assetml
    * src/gcompris/gameutil.c: (gcompris_add_xml_to_data): added mandatory_sound_dataset
    * src/gcompris/gcompris-board.h: added mandatory_sound_dataset
    * src/gcompris/oggplayer.c: (erase_credits), (item_event_ogginfo): check rootitem before
    destroy in case