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Wayland: Support xdg-shell protocol

Jason Francis requested to merge jf/clutter:xdg-shell into master

The wl_shell interface is deprecated in Wayland. A number of issues are caused by this:

  • ClutterStageWayland doesn't work without a wl_shell_surface
  • ClutterBackendWayland looks for the wl_shell interface even if the application doesn't use ClutterStage
  • As a result of the above, calling clutter_init() with the wayland backend causes an infinite loop waiting for wl_shell if it doesn't exist

This PR fixes those issues by adding support for the replacement xdg_shell protocol. The changes have been tested to work in these compositors:

  • gnome-shell
  • kwin_wayland
  • sway
  • wayfire
  • weston

Additionally, this has been tested to work with both the autotools and meson builds.

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