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    app: improve gimp_brush_core_color_area_with_pixmap() · 5b09af43
    Ell authored
    Reimplement gimp_brush_core_color_area_with_pixmap(), which copies
    the brush's dab to the paint buffer when using a pixmap brush, in
    terms of gimp-gegl-loops.  This simplifies the functions,
    parallelizes processing, and transparently handles float brushes.
    Replace the "mode" parameter of the function with an "apply_mask"
    parameter, which specifies whether to apply the brush's mask to
    the dab as part of copying.  Avoid applying the mask in
    GimpPaintbrush; previously, we would erroneously apply the mask
    twice when using the paintbrush tool: once when copying the
    dab to the paint buffer, and again when pasting the paint buffer
    to the canvas.
    We still apply the mask in GimpSmudge, which results in the same
    double-application behavior, however, this might be less practical
    to fix.