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    cogl-framebuffer: Remove swap_throttled config · 7d201011
    Georges Basile Stavracas Neto authored
    Since now we don't set the swap throttled value based
    on sync-to-vblank, we can effectively remove it from
    Cogl. Throttling swap buffers in Cogl is as much a
    historical artifact as sync-to-vblank. Furthermore,
    it doesn't make sense to disable it on a compositor,
    which is the case with the embedded Cogl.
    In addition to that, the winsys vfunc for updating
    whenever swap throttling changes could also be removed,
    since swap throttling is always enabled now.
    Removing it means less code, less branches when running,
    and one less config option to deal with.
    This also removes the micro-perf test, since it doesn't
    make sense for the case where Cogl is embedded into the
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