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    Don't read most properties for override-redirect windows · fd276474
    Owen W. Taylor authored
    Skipping handling of properties for override redirect windows has
    two advantages: first it reduces the amount of work needed to get
    an override-redirect window (menu, tooltip, drag icon) onto the
    screen. But more importantly, it reduces the number of code-paths
    for an override-redirect to get into some code portion where it
    isn't expected.
    * Integrate the list of properties we load initially with the
      list of property hooks; this avoids having two separate lists
      that we have to keep in sync.
    * Add a flag to MetaWindowPropHooks to indicate whether the
      property should be handled for override-redirect windows;
      currently we load a) properties that identify the window -
      useful for debugging purposes b) WM_TRANSIENT_FOR (could be
      used to associate menus with toplevels.)
    * For properties that aren't always loaded through window-props.c,
      add !window->override checks to places that trigger loading,
      and add g_return_if_fail(!window->override) to the load
      functions as a double-check.
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