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    Delete unused META_PRIORITY_COMPOSITE · addc04f4
    Søren Sandmann authored
    Thu May  4 13:30:04 2006  Søren Sandmann  <sandmann@redhat.com>
    	* src/ui.h: Delete unused META_PRIORITY_COMPOSITE
    	* src/ui.c: Delete argument from meta_ui_get_display().
    	* src/c-window.c: Remove the xid->window hashtable and associated
    	* src/c-screen.[ch]: Rename MetaScreenInfo to MetaCompScreen. Put the
    	xid->windows table here instaed of as a static variable. Also make
    	sure that CompWindows are freed when the screen is unredirected.
    	* src/display.c: Delete non USE_GDK_DISPLAY case, as it didn't
    	work and hasn't been compiled for a long time.
    	* src/display.[ch] (meta_display_open): Remove argument as it was
    	always NULL (and couldn't possibly be anything else in the
    	USE_GDK_DISPLAY case).
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