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    data: change the way we do dconf · 25004e4d
    Ray Strode authored
    We currently generate a complete, binary dconf database
    as part of the install process.
    In general, system administrators can change dconf
    settings system-wide using a mechanism described here:
    Unfortunately, because of the way we generate our database,
    any administrator overrides will get discarded during
    package upgrade, and likewise, our carefully vetted database
    will get destroyed on any site administrator updates.
    Rather than step on each others toes, this commit changes
    GDM to use the same mechanism described above.  This should
    make upstream defaults and system defaults coexist much
    Note, the mechanism used isn't quite as featureful as we
    would really like.  It doesn't support wildcards or changing
    whole subtrees at a time.  That means, in theory, if a new
    plugin gets added to settings daemon it could be marked active
    at the login screen without being vetted first.
    To circumvent this, we add a layer of indirection in and some
    gross shell scripting to give us the features we need.
    Distributions should probably run
    /usr/libexec/gdm-update-dconf-db \
    	gdm \
    	/usr/share/gdm/upstream-settings \
    In there post transaction hooks, but at a minimum need to run
    dconf update.
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