Commit 67d99952 authored by Yariv Barkan's avatar Yariv Barkan

backends/native: Get the correct value for pinch dy

Fix a typo - use the correct libinput api.

parent 82233cce
......@@ -1537,7 +1537,7 @@ process_device_event (MetaDeviceManagerNative *manager_evdev,
angle_delta = libinput_event_gesture_get_angle_delta (gesture_event);
scale = libinput_event_gesture_get_scale (gesture_event);
dx = libinput_event_gesture_get_dx (gesture_event);
dy = libinput_event_gesture_get_dx (gesture_event);
dy = libinput_event_gesture_get_dy (gesture_event);
notify_pinch_gesture_event (device,
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