Commit 86ab3878 authored by Jonas Ådahl's avatar Jonas Ådahl

renderer/x11: Enable GPU memory purge error extension if available

This was done by the clutter X11 backend before prior to introducing
MetaRenderer, but during that work, enabling of said extension was lost.
Let's turn it on again.
parent f2d0e502
......@@ -705,8 +705,6 @@ meta_backend_x11_init (MetaBackendX11 *x11)
clutter_x11_request_reset_on_video_memory_purge ();
/* We do X11 event retrieval ourselves */
clutter_x11_disable_event_retrieval ();
......@@ -74,6 +74,7 @@ meta_renderer_x11_create_cogl_renderer (MetaRenderer *renderer)
cogl_renderer_set_custom_winsys (cogl_renderer, get_x11_cogl_winsys_vtable,
cogl_xlib_renderer_set_foreign_display (cogl_renderer, xdisplay);
cogl_xlib_renderer_request_reset_on_video_memory_purge (cogl_renderer, TRUE);
/* Set up things so that if the INTEL_swap_event extension is not present,
* but the driver is known to have good thread support, we use an extra
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