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  1. External identity providers such as Google and GitHub have been disabled due to an influx of spam. If you used it to sign in, set your initial password.

  2. Create a new GNOME GitLab account here. If your e-mail address is rejected, please contact the administrators on the infrastructure Matrix channel, or reach out via e-mail. Include your desired username and your account will be created manually.

  3. Established contributors can use their GNOME account (via the "GNOME Keycloak" login option), if they have one (see how to request a GNOME account). Passwords can be recovered following these instructions. Please don't request a GNOME Account unless you have contributed to an existing GNOME project for a medium/long term period of time. An existing GNOME module maintainer or contributor will ask you to create a new account once the number of contributions / merge requests is enough to trust yourself to have direct commit access to the GNOME GitLab group.

  4. Users without SSH keys cannot fork or create new projects. After a key is added in the profile settings, it may take up to 20 minutes before your account limits are updated.

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