Commit 4859c2d5 authored by Jonathan Matthew's avatar Jonathan Matthew 🥗
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rb.Loader: remove UpdateCheck, hasn't been used in quite a while

parent bce69780
......@@ -72,37 +72,3 @@ class Loader(object):
class UpdateCheck(object):
def __init__ (self):
self._cancel = Gio.Cancellable()
def _file_info_cb (self, file, result, data):
rfi = file.query_info_finish(result)
remote_mod = rfi.get_attribute_uint64(Gio.FILE_ATTRIBUTE_TIME_MODIFIED)
call_callback(self.callback, remote_mod != self.local_mod, self.args)
except Exception as e:
call_callback(self.callback, False, self.args)
def check_for_update (self, local, remote, callback, *args):
self.local = local
self.remote = remote
self.callback = callback
self.args = args
lf = Gio.file_new_for_commandline_arg(local)
lfi = lf.query_info(Gio.FILE_ATTRIBUTE_TIME_MODIFIED, Gio.FileQueryInfoFlags.NONE, None)
self.local_mod = lfi.get_attribute_uint64(Gio.FILE_ATTRIBUTE_TIME_MODIFIED)
rf = Gio.file_new_for_uri(remote)
rf.query_info_async(Gio.FILE_ATTRIBUTE_TIME_MODIFIED, Gio.FileQueryInfoFlags.NONE, GLib.PRIORITY_DEFAULT, self._cancel, self._file_info_cb, None)
except Exception as e:
self.callback(True, *self.args)
def cancel (self):
......@@ -35,7 +35,6 @@ from gi.repository import RB, Gtk
# rb classes
from Loader import Loader
from Loader import UpdateCheck
from Coroutine import Coroutine
from URLCache import URLCache
import rbconfig
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