Commit 92dd4cc9 authored by Christian Hergert's avatar Christian Hergert

muxer: make sure we own a copy of keys

These appear to be able to be damaged out from underneath us, so
make sure that we take a copy of all of the strings before we
start iterating them.
parent 33966984
......@@ -410,7 +410,7 @@ dzl_gtk_widget_mux_action_groups (GtkWidget *widget,
const gchar *mux_key)
const gchar * const *old_prefixes = NULL;
g_autofree const gchar **prefixes = NULL;
g_auto(GStrv) prefixes = NULL;
g_return_if_fail (GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget));
g_return_if_fail (!from_widget || GTK_IS_WIDGET (from_widget));
......@@ -444,10 +444,12 @@ dzl_gtk_widget_mux_action_groups (GtkWidget *widget,
if (from_widget != NULL)
prefixes = gtk_widget_list_action_prefixes (from_widget);
g_autofree const gchar **tmp = gtk_widget_list_action_prefixes (from_widget);
if (prefixes != NULL)
if (tmp != NULL)
prefixes = g_strdupv ((gchar **)tmp);
for (guint i = 0; prefixes [i]; i++)
GActionGroup *group = gtk_widget_get_action_group (from_widget, prefixes [i]);
......@@ -458,14 +460,15 @@ dzl_gtk_widget_mux_action_groups (GtkWidget *widget,
if G_UNLIKELY (group == NULL)
gtk_widget_insert_action_group (widget, prefixes [i], group);
gtk_widget_insert_action_group (widget, prefixes[i], group);
/* Store the set of muxed prefixes so that we can unmux them later. */
g_object_set_data_full (G_OBJECT (widget), mux_key,
g_strdupv ((gchar **)prefixes),
g_object_set_data_full (G_OBJECT (widget),
g_steal_pointer (&prefixes),
(GDestroyNotify) g_strfreev);
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