Commit 362657ea authored by Christian Hergert's avatar Christian Hergert

shortcuts: fix transfer ownership for registering signal

parent 8cf384ca
......@@ -369,13 +369,11 @@ dzl_shortcut_context_add_signal (DzlShortcutContext *self,
* @self: a #DzlShortcutContext
* @accel: the accelerator for the shortcut
* @signal_name: the name of the signal
* @values: (element-type GObject.Value) (nullable) (transfer container): The
* @values: (element-type GObject.Value) (nullable) (transfer none): The
* values to use when calling the signal.
* This is similar to dzl_shortcut_context_add_signal() but is easier to use
* from language bindings.
* Note that this transfers ownership of the @values array.
dzl_shortcut_context_add_signalv (DzlShortcutContext *self,
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