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......@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@ In addition :obj:`GObject.Object` has support for :any:`signals <signals>` and
Weak References
While Python has a builtin ``weakref`` module it only allows one to create
weak references to Python objects, but with PyGObject the Python object
"wrapping" a GObject and the GObject itself might not have the same lifetime.
The wrapper can get garbage collected and a new wrapper created again at a
later point.
If you want to get notified when the underlying GObject gets finalized use
.. method:: GObject.Object.weak_ref(callback, *user_data)
Registers a callback to be called when the underlying GObject gets
finalized. The callback will receive the give `user_data`.
To unregister the callback call the ``unref()`` method of the returned
GObjectWeakRef object.
:param callback: A callback which will be called when the object
is finalized
:type callback: :func:`callable`
:param user_data: User data that will be passed to the callback
:returns: GObjectWeakRef
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