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getting started: add a note for the tutorial and the API reference

So that there is a clear path on what to do after successfully getting the
example app running.
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......@@ -30,6 +30,11 @@ and their dependencies. Follow the instructions for your platform below.
|windows-logo| :ref:`Windows <windows-getting-started>` |macosx-logo| :ref:`macOS <macosx-getting-started>` |opensuse-logo| :ref:`openSUSE <opensuse-getting-started>`
======================================================= ==================================================== ==========================================================
After running the example application have a look at the "`Python GTK+ 3
Tutorial <>`__" for more examples
on how to create GTK+ apps and the "`PyGObject API Reference
<>`__" for API documentation for all supported
.. _windows-getting-started:
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