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      timeline: Fix pasting copied clips multiple times · d092f674
      Harish Fulara authored
      How copy-paste works? The object (o_copy) returned by the copy function
      stores reference to the object (o_orig) whose copy is made. While
      pasting o_copy onto the timeline, this reference is used to set the
      timeline for o_copy, i.e., timeline(o_copy) = timeline(o_orig), which
      makes o_copy get pasted on the timeline.
      Issue with previous logic? We were saving a copy of 'self.__copiedGroup'
      before pasting it onto the timeline and then restoring
      'self.__copiedGroup' from previously saved copy after the paste
      operation is done (for the first time). This saving and restoring
      'self.__copiedGroup' would make it store a reference to itself. When we
      paste again (for the second time) on the timeline, no timeline would be
      associated with the pasted object because 'self.__copiedGroup' refers to
      itself and there is no timeline associated with 'self.__copiedGroup'.
      Hence, nothing would get pasted onto the timeline.
      Fixes https://phabricator.freedesktop.org/T7639
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      Updated Czech translation · 29a060cf
      Marek Cernocky authored
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