Commit e56df3b4 authored by Claude Paroz's avatar Claude Paroz

Fixes #111 - Upgrade and simplify markdown filter

parent f9508d1f
......@@ -263,23 +263,13 @@ def markdown(value, arg=''):
{{ value|markdown:"extension1_name,extension2_name..." }}
To enable safe mode, which strips raw HTML and only returns HTML
generated by actual Markdown syntax, pass "safe" as the first
extension in the list.
import markdown
except ImportError:
if settings.DEBUG:
raise template.TemplateSyntaxError("Error in 'markdown' filter: The Python markdown library isn't installed.")
return force_text(value)
return value
extensions = [e for e in arg.split(",") if e]
if extensions and extensions[0] == "safe":
extensions = extensions[1:]
return mark_safe(markdown.markdown(
force_text(value), extensions, safe_mode=True, enable_attributes=False))
return mark_safe(markdown.markdown(
force_text(value), extensions, safe_mode=False))
return mark_safe(markdown.markdown(value, extensions))
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