Commit 2ae83edc authored by Claude Paroz's avatar Claude Paroz

Fix exception import location

parent 0aee7b2e
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ from django.utils import dateformat
from django.db import models
from common.fields import DictionaryField, JSONField
from common.utils import UndetectableDocFormat, is_site_admin, run_shell_command
from common.utils import is_site_admin, run_shell_command
from stats import utils, signals
from stats.doap import update_doap_infos
from people.models import Person
......@@ -788,7 +788,7 @@ class Domain(models.Model):
def can_build_docs(self, branch):
return self.dtype == 'doc' and self.doc_format(branch).format == 'mallard'
except UndetectableDocFormat:
except utils.UndetectableDocFormat:
return False
def get_po_path(self, locale):
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