Commit 1fcc0cdd authored by Daniel Mustieles García's avatar Daniel Mustieles García Committed by Gil Forcada

Add missing table headers

parent 04e1e54a
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@
<tr><th>{% trans "Module" %}</th><th>{% trans "Branch" %}</th>
{# colspan=2 for Statistics is causing offset in sort effect for following columns #}
<th>{% trans "Statistics" %}</th><th class="headerNoSort"></th>
<th>{% trans "Statistics" %}</th><th class="headerNoSort">{% trans "Graph" %}</th>
<th>{% trans "Status" %}</th><th>{% trans "Date" %}</th>
......@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ $(document).ready(function()
<table class="stats" id="working_on" name="working_on">
<th>{% trans "Date" %}</th><th>{% trans "Module" %}</th><th></th><th>{% trans "State" %}</th>
<th>{% trans "Date" %}</th><th>{% trans "Module" %}</th><th>{% trans "Graph" %}</th><th>{% trans "State" %}</th>
{% for state, stats in states %}
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