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    Patch made with Claude to fix #570247. · d3d30d90
    Stéphane Raimbault authored
    2009-02-03  Stéphane Raimbault  <stephane.raimbault@gmail.com>
    	Patch made with Claude to fix #570247.
    	* media/css/layout.css: New 'inline' class to avoid style tag in
     	HTML code.
    	* people/urls.py: New team_leave view (GET).
    	* people/views.py: Messages are passed by the message_set
    	relation (the old message still present in templates/base.html for
    	stats). New person_team_leave() function. Extract RequestContext()
    	call from render_to_response to avoid the get and delete of
    	messages in manual commit context.
    	* templates/people/person_base.html: Use new on_own_page
    	* templates/people/person_detail.html: Use new on_own_page
    	boolean. Indent.
    	* templates/people/person_team_join_form.html: Removed useless
    	* templates/people/person_team_membership.html: Change the string
    	"Team membership" incorrect in this context. Add a javascript
    	action to confirm the leaving (FIXME the message doesn't seem to
    	be translated).	
    svn path=/trunk/; revision=1428
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