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......@@ -14,6 +14,15 @@ It is our belief that you should always retain copyright on your own work.
When working on a new widget or tool, try to write unit tests to prove the implementation.
Not everything we have in the code base has tests, and ideally that will improve, not get worse.
## Troubleshooting
If you configure the meson project with `-Denable_tracing=true` then libdazzle with be built with tracing.
This allows various parts of the code to use `DZL_ENTRY`, `DZL_EXIT` and other tracing macros to log function calls.
You might find this useful in tracking down difficult re-entrancy or simply learn "how does this work".
If you need to add additional tracing macros to debug a problem, it is probably a good idea to submit a patch to add them.
Chances are someone else will need to debug stuff in the future.
## Code Style
We follow the GObject and Gtk coding style.
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