1. 11 Nov, 2005 1 commit
  2. 07 Nov, 2005 2 commits
  3. 01 Nov, 2005 1 commit
  4. 24 Oct, 2005 1 commit
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      cut-n-paste-o (r1c1_get_index) : == max is ok, we're about to decrement. · 34c9ea26
      JodyGoldberg authored
      2005-10-23  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/parse-util.c (r1c1_rangeref_parse) : cut-n-paste-o
      	(r1c1_get_index) : == max is ok, we're about to decrement.
      	* src/parser.y (yylex) : special case check for #N/A which does not
      	  end in '!' or '?'.
      	(cellref) : Allow RANGEREF : RANGEREF
      2005-10-23  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* excel-xml-read.c (xl_xml_col_start) :
      	  - add hidden.
      	  - support spans
      	  - support styles
      	  - support sizes (still off by what seems like a constant factor ??
      	    of 12.5% ??)
      	(xl_xml_row_start) : ditto.
      	(xl_xml_pane) : init edit pos to A1.
      	(xl_xml_selection) : new. handle selection
      	(xl_xml_editpos_col) : new. handle edit position
      	(xl_xml_editpos_row) : new. ditto.
      	(xl_xml_data_start) : load Data::Type here
      	(xl_xml_cell_start) : not here.  Store the expr.
      	(xl_xml_data_end) : store exprs and values.
      	(xl_xml_named_range) : new.  No entirely functional.
      	  It does not handle implicit fwd declatation of names.
  5. 02 Oct, 2005 1 commit
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      Move to new libgsf xml interface. Support un-namespaced variant of Name · 10e16ef5
      JodyGoldberg authored
      2005-10-02  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/xml-sax-read.c : Move to new libgsf xml interface.
      	  Support un-namespaced variant of Name for compatibility.
      	* src/xml-sax-write.c (xml_io_conventions) : Use new gnm_1_0_rangeref_as_string;
      	  to improve back compat.  We read using something that can handle the
      	  modern format, but we write the old version.
      	* src/xml-io.c (xml_io_conventions) : ditto.
      	* src/ranges.c (range_intersection) : return FALSE if the ranges do
      	  not overlap, but do not generate an error.
      	* src/gnumeric-pane.c (gnm_pane_init) : Use a realize handler on the
      	  canvas to create the object views.  Doing it sooner can break
      	  because the canvas has not been attached to a container yet.
      	* src/workbook-control-gui.c (wbcg_sheet_add) : only grab focus if we
      	  are the current sheet.
      	* src/parse-util.c (gnm_1_0_rangeref_as_string) : new stripped down
      	  variant of rangeref_as_string.
      	* src/xml-sax-write.c (xml_io_conventions) : use it here.
      	* src/xml-io.c (xml_io_conventions) : and here.
      	* src/style.c (required_updates_for_style) : add super/sub script
  6. 30 Aug, 2005 1 commit
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      support data tables. ditto. ditto. ditto. · 3a70f9f1
      JodyGoldberg authored
      2005-08-29  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* ms-formula-read.c (excel_parse_formula) : support data tables.
      	* ms-excel-read.c (excel_formula_shared) : ditto.
      	* ms-formula-write.c (write_node) : ditto.
      	* ms-excel-write.c (excel_write_FORMULA) : ditto.
      2005-08-27  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* ms-obj.c (ms_obj_map_forms_obj) : no need to warn about record with
      	  no expressions. (Wallenbach/Formulas-2003/chap05/character\ set.xls)
      2005-08-27  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/workbook.c (workbook_dispose) : Looks like this patch got
      	  munged. Make it sane.
  7. 08 Aug, 2005 1 commit
  8. 15 Jul, 2005 1 commit
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      Add a hook for 'tab-stops' (oo_style) : suppress warning for default-style · eb474895
      JodyGoldberg authored
      2005-06-29  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* openoffice-read.c : Add a hook for 'tab-stops'
      	(oo_style) : suppress warning for default-style
      	  cell.  It does not have a name but we may still want to use it.  I'm
      	  not sure where.
      2005-07-15  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* functions.c (validate_range_numeric_matrix) : Add a comment to
      	  clarify result and fix handling of simple scalars.
      2005-07-15  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* ms-obj.c (ms_read_TXO) : handle CONTINUES for text
      	(read_pre_biff8_read_text) : renamed from read_pre_biff8_read_str.
      	  Handle continues in text and markup.  The layout is _very_ odd.
      	  It seems that XL can write things it can not read.
      	(read_pre_biff8_read_name_and_fmla) : handle the name reading inline,
      	  that is different from read_text.  The CONTINUE handling is very
      	* ms-excel-write.c (excel_write_SETUP) : rewrite to handle the new
      	(write_sheet_head) : export value for BIFF_PRINTHEADERS and only
      	  export the left/right margins if they are set.
      	* ms-excel-read.c : Store the ver in the importer rather than the
      	(excel_get_chars) : renamed from ms_biff_get_chars.  Take an importer
      	  and use it's iconv rather than a global.
      	(excel_get_text) : renamed from biff_get_text.  Take an importer
      	  rather than a ver.
      	(excel_read_BOUNDSHEET) : new need for a ver arg, just use the importer.
      	(esheet_ver) : new.
      	(gnm_xl_importer_set_version) : new.
      	(gnm_xl_importer_set_codepage) : rename from
      	  excel_iconv_open_for_import and store the iconv in the importer rather
      	  than as a global.  Add improved fallback and debug info.
      	(excel_palette_get) : merge default palette handing into here and add
      	  0x7fff as a synonym for black.  We need a better solution for themed
      	  colours eventually.  Change signature to take an importer rather
      	  than the palette object directly.  That keeps us from digging into
      	  the import object directly.
      	(excel_get_default_palette) : delete.
      	(excel_read_XF_OLD) : use ver from importer, no need for arg.
      	(excel_read_XF) : ditto.
      	(excel_read_FORMULA) : clarify up the debug info.
      	(ms_wb_get_font_markup) : better fallback for invalid fonts.
      	(gnm_xl_importer_new) : renamed from excel_workbook_new and remove the
      	  version tag.  The importer is now created without a version, and we
      	  init that later.  It also has a larger life cycle with the plan to
      	  extend that and have gnumeric create it for the new in/out framework
      	  use gobjects.
      	(gnm_xl_importer_free) : renamed from excel_workbook_destroy and close
      	  the iconv.
      	(excel_read_name_str) : take an importer rather than a ver.
      	(excel_read_SETUP) : rewrite to store the new biff8+ properties for
      	  comments and errors, and to add n_copies, and start page.
      	(excel_read_CF) : turn off some debugging.
      	(excel_read_sheet) : add handler for BIFF_PRINTHEADERS.
      	(excel_read_BOF) : merge the standalone worksheet handler with the
      	  others.  Do not create the importer here, that get's passed in.
      	(excel_read_workbook) : no need to set the global iconv here, the
      	  importer handles it.  Create the importer much earlier as a step
      	  towards gobjectificatin.
      	* ms-chart.c (BC_R (ver)) : new to get the version from the importer
      	(BC_R(area)) :
      	(BC_R(attachedlabel)) :
      	(BC_R(bar)) :
      	(BC_R(line)) :
      	(BC_R(markerformat)) :
      	(BC_R(pie)) :
      	(BC_R(scatter)) :
      	(BC_R(series)) :
      	(BC_R(shtprops)) :
      	(BC_R(surf)) : Use it in place of passing in the ver
      	(ms_excel_chart_read) : no need to pass version around
      	(ms_chart_map_color) : adjust to change in excel_palette_get
      	* ms-biff.c (ms_biff_password_hash) :
      	(ms_biff_crypt_seq) :
      	(ms_biff_pre_biff8_query_set_decrypt) :
      	(ms_biff_query_set_decrypt) :
      	(verify_password) : silence some sign difference warnings
      2005-07-11  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* ms-excel-read.c (excel_read_IMDATA) : Read the CONTINUE records
      	  associated with the IMDATA even when not debugging. (#127756).
      2005-07-15  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/print-info.c : Add Andreas to the list of Authors.
      	(print_info_new) : Init the simple margins to -1 to signify unset.
      	  Init the new flags.
      	(print_info_margin_copy) : delete.
      	(print_info_dup) : tidy up and handle the new flags.
      	(print_info_get_margins) : if a margin is negative (unset) return 0.
      	(print_info_set_n_copies) : delete.
      	(print_info_get_n_copies) : delete.
      	(print_info_set_orientation) : delete.
      	(print_info_get_orientation) : delete.
      	(print_info_make_config) : only set the margin in the print_config if
      	  it is set.  Rework the orientation enum into a pair of bools to be
      	  more XL compat.
      	(print_info_load_config) : ditto.
      	* src/gnumeric-gconf.c : s/right-then-down/across-then-down/ for RTL.
      	(gnm_gconf_set_print_order_across_then_down) : renamed from
      	* gnumeric.xsd : margins are optional now.
  9. 26 Jun, 2005 1 commit
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      new. (xml_sax_input_msg) : new. · e406c13c
      JodyGoldberg authored
      2005-06-25  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/xml-sax-read.c (xml_sax_hlink) : new.
      	(xml_sax_input_msg) : new.
      2005-06-22  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/Makefile.am : enable pango-test
      2005-06-22  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* * : s/MStyle/GnmStyle/
  10. 08 Jun, 2005 1 commit
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      handle R1C1 · cd23119e
      JodyGoldberg authored
      2005-06-07  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* functions.c (gnumeric_indirect) : handle R1C1
      2005-06-07  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/parser.y : Pass the convention to the range_ref parser
      	* src/parse-util.c (r1c1_get_index) : make this more robust.
      	(cellref_r1c1_get) : adjust calling to new get_index args.
      	(r1c1_rangeref_parse) : new.
      	(rangeref_parse) : connect into the r1c1 parser.
      	(parse_util_init) : add an r1c1 convention set
  11. 20 May, 2005 1 commit
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      Add some const. · 605d9902
      JodyGoldberg authored
      2005-05-18  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* ms-formula-read.c (excel_parse_formula) : Create a fwd declaration
      	  of a NAME record that has not been read yet being used in a PTG_NAME.
      	* ms-excel-read.c (excel_read_NAME) : keep a count of the name
      	  records and use fwd declaration if they exist.
      	(excel_workbook_destroy) : move the names array into the workbook from
      	  the container.
      	(excel_workbook_new) : ditto.
      2005-05-18  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* ms-chart.c (ms_excel_chart_read) : don't leak the array for invalid
      	  series (Analysis.xls).  Handle missing siindex record (chap03-1.xls).
      2005-05-18  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/expr-name.c (expr_name_new) : make public
      	(expr_name_add) : accept a stub object.
      2005-05-17  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/workbook.c (workbook_focus_other_sheet) : fix
  12. 10 May, 2005 1 commit
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      work around use of negative rotations which are used to indicate vertical · cd22c24c
      JodyGoldberg authored
      2005-05-08  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/xml-sax-read.c (xml_sax_styleregion_start) : work around use of
      	  negative rotations which are used to indicate vertical text.
      	* src/xml-io.c (xml_read_style) : ditto.
      2005-05-07  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/style.h : Add a 'VALIGN_DISTRIBUTED' that was added in XP
      	  dunno what it does yet.
      	* src/dialogs/dialog-cell-format.c : Add an entry for DISTRIBUTED
      	* src/mstyle.h : document the range of rotation
      	* src/workbook-view.c : remove pointless include
      	* src/hlink.c : remove pointless include
  13. 07 May, 2005 1 commit
  14. 06 May, 2005 1 commit
    • Morten Welinder's avatar
      New function. (workbook_sheet_hide_controls, workbook_sheet_delete): Use · 8a6df013
      Morten Welinder authored
      2005-05-05  Morten Welinder  <terra@gnome.org>
              * src/workbook.c (workbook_focus_other_sheet): New function.
              (workbook_sheet_hide_controls, workbook_sheet_delete): Use
              (workbook_sheet_unhide_controls): Do nothing if sheet is already
              (workbook_sheet_add): Take a numerical position, not a sheet
              pointer for placement.  All callers changed.
              (workbook_sheet_attach_at_pos): New function extracted from
              (workbook_sheet_attach): Make this not take a placement parameter.
              All callers changed.
              (workbook_sheet_move): Make static, don't return a value, and make
              3d references.
              (workbook_sheet_state_new, workbook_sheet_state_free,
              workbook_sheet_state_restore, workbook_sheet_state_diff): New
              * src/commands.c (cmd_reorganize_sheets2): New function.
              (cmd_rename_sheet): Use cmd_reorganize_sheets2.
  15. 04 Mar, 2005 1 commit
  16. 03 Mar, 2005 1 commit
  17. 02 Mar, 2005 1 commit
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      BUILD IS BROKEN We need to remove the gnumeric copy of foocanvas (and · c6359437
      JodyGoldberg authored
      We need to remove the gnumeric copy of foocanvas (and tweek the includes)
      2005-03-01  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* (all plugins) :
      	* configure.in : Add the libgoffice depend and remove the
      	  src/cut-n-paste/goffice dirs
      	remove test for gnome_print_pango_create_layout.
      	* src/Makefile.am : drop the built in libgoffice and pcre libraries
      	  we pull them externally now.
  18. 16 Feb, 2005 1 commit
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      pull down from gnumeric · 41c10f5e
      JodyGoldberg authored
      2005-02-16  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* utils/go-file.c (go_url_check_extension) : pull down from gnumeric
      	* gui-utils/go-gui-utils.c (go_gtk_button_new_with_stock) : renamed
      	  from go_gtk_button_new_with_stock_image.
      	(go_libglade_new) : use go_sys_data_dir.
      	(go_gtk_widget_disable_focus) : renamed from go_widget_disable_focus.
      	(go_pango_measure_string) : renamed from go_measure_string.
      	(go_gtk_window_set_transient) : renamed from go_window_set_transient.
      	(go_gtk_nonmodal_dialog) : renamed from gnumeric_non_modal_dialog.
      	(go_gtk_file_sel_dialog) : renamed from gnumeric_dialog_file_selection.
      	(go_gtk_select_image) : renamed from gui_image_file_select.
      	(gui_get_image_save_info) : pulled in from gnumeric.
      	(go_atk_setup_label) : renamed from gnm_setup_label_atk.
      	(go_help_display) : pulled down from gnumeric and made generic.
      	(go_gtk_help_button_init) : ditto.
      	(go_gtk_url_is_writeable) : ditto.
      	(go_gtk_dialog_run) : pulled from gnumeric
      	(go_gtk_notice_dialog) : ditto.
      	(go_gtk_notice_nonmodal_dialog) : ditto.
      	(go_gtk_query_yes_no) : ditto.
      	* gui-utils/Makefile.am : Add libhtml_stub
      	* graph/gog-renderer-pixbuf.c (gog_renderer_pixbuf_init) : init the
      	(gog_renderer_pixbuf_get_pango_context) : use the stored calculated
      	  dpi rather than gconf
      	(gog_renderer_pixbuf_update) : store the dpi
      	* goffice.c (libgoffice_init) : init the paths.  We may want to expand
      	  this at some point to allow cmd-line or env-var override.
      	(go_sys_data_dir) : new.
      	(go_sys_icon_dir) : new.
      2005-02-16  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/libgnumeric.c (gnm_pre_parse_init) : set the path for the new
      	  gnumeric-functions message catalog
      	* src/gnumeric-gconf.c : Add an ifdef to silence the gconf warnings
      	* src/io-context.[ch], src/io-context-priv.h : move into goffice/app
  19. 15 Feb, 2005 1 commit
  20. 08 Feb, 2005 1 commit
  21. 15 Jan, 2005 1 commit
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      set dots_in_names to allow for addin functions like · f2605bc1
      JodyGoldberg authored
      2005-01-14  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* openoffice-read.c (oo_conventions) : set dots_in_names to allow for
      	  addin functions like com.sun.star.sheet.addin.Analysis.getErf
      	(oo_unknown_hander) :  Use a custom unknown handler to do a group map
      	  from com.sun.star.sheet.addin.Analysis.get*
  22. 02 Nov, 2004 1 commit
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      Release 1.3.92 · 5c92e9ce
      JodyGoldberg authored
      2004-10-31  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* Release 1.3.92
  23. 18 Oct, 2004 1 commit
  24. 28 Jul, 2004 1 commit
  25. 13 Jun, 2004 1 commit
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      bump req for libgsf to 1.10.0 (still in cvs) · b36d44ce
      JodyGoldberg authored
      2004-06-13  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* configure.in : bump req for libgsf to 1.10.0 (still in cvs)
      2004-06-13  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* ms-chart.c (ms_excel_write_chart) : more work.  gnumeric and OOo can
      	  now import the basic column charts.  Unfortunately XL still crashes.
      2004-06-07  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* ms-excel-write.c (excel_write_chart) : add and End after the common
      	* ms-chart.c (chart_write_color) : write.
  26. 09 May, 2004 1 commit
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      Dump in a pile of pending stuff. · df229aa1
      JodyGoldberg authored
      Temporarily lose ability to show/hide toolbars until that is part of GODocControl
      2004-05-07  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* graph/gog-theme.c (gog_themes_init) : sync the default theme with
      	  XL's notion of things so that we do not theme away auto settings on
      	  import.  Specificly Give chart's the background and make graph
      	*  */Makefile.am : use goffice.mk for include paths
      2004-05-03  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* graph/gog-style.c (gog_style_apply_theme) : Do not theme the fonts
      	  it over rides the user selection because there is no 'auto' flag.
      2004-05-07  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* ms-biff.c (ms_biff_put_var_write) : Quick and simple support for
      	  continue.  It will not split a block of content, but it will split
      	  between blocks (attempted writes).
      2004-05-06  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* ms-obj.c (ms_obj_attr_get_*) : Take an attrbag rather than an obj to
      	 be more useful.
      	* ms-escher.c (ms_escher_read_container) : add a
      	  'return_attrs_in_container' kludge parameter.
      	(ms_escher_parse) : make the return of the attributes optional and
      	  actually make it work.
      	(ms_escher_read_OPT) : load properties for gradients.
      	* ms-chart.c (BC_R(gelframe)) : support gradients
      	(BC_R(legend)) : store the legend object.
      	(BC_R(legendxn)) : notice deleted legend elements.
      	(BC_R(text)) : import the text colour.
      	(BC_R(end)) : support legend styles and clarify the grid vs plotarea
      2004-05-03  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* excel-xml-read.c : some tweaks to get a layout that will support
      2004-05-07  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/command-context-priv.h : Make this an interface
      	* src/command-context.c : support the change here.
      	* src/command-context-stderr.c : here.
      	* src/io-context-gtk.c : here
      	* src/io-context-priv.h : here
      	* src/io-context.c : here.
      	* src/workbook-control-gui.c : here
      	* src/workbook-control.c : and here
      	* src/GNOME_Gnumeric-gtk.xml : Move the toolbars out, they will be
      	  generated.  Add FullScreen.
      	* configure.in : bump libgsf dep and add the new goffice/app directory
      2004-05-03  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/commands.c (cmd_paste_cut_undo) : we don't know the SheetView
      	  associated with the origin sheet.
      	* src/selection.c (sv_selection_set) : add some safety
  27. 07 Apr, 2004 1 commit
  28. 29 Dec, 2003 1 commit
  29. 16 Nov, 2003 1 commit
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      our xml is in C locale do not translate the boolean strings. · ff1e9664
      JodyGoldberg authored
      2003-11-16  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* xml-sax-read.c (xml_sax_file_open) : our xml is in C locale
      	* xml-sax-write.c (xml_write_calculation) : do not translate the
      	  boolean strings.
      2003-11-16  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* openoffice-read.c (openoffice_file_open) : do not translate the
  30. 12 Nov, 2003 2 commits
  31. 11 Nov, 2003 1 commit
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      http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=126389 dirty the sheet. · c52d1670
      JodyGoldberg authored
      2003-11-06  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/commands.c (cmd_format_redo) : dirty the sheet.
      2003-11-05  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/workbook-control-gui.c : ditto.
      	* src/GNOME_Gnumeric.xml : Enable select inputs
      2003-11-11  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* utils/go-pattern.c (go_pattern_selector) : add auto support.
      	* utils/go-marker.c : move the default handling where it belongs.
      	* utils/go-color.c (go_color_to_gdk) : new.
      	* graph/plugins/plot_barcol/plot-types.xml.in : include non-marker
      	* graph/plugins/plot_xy/plot-types.xml.in : include non-marker, and
      	 barcol non-line variants.
      	* graph/gog-theme.c : respect the auto flags here.
      	* graph/gog-styled-object.c (gog_styled_object_apply_theme) : new.
      	(gog_styled_object_set_property) : Use it here.
      	(gog_styled_object_parent_changed) : and here.
      	(gog_styled_object_editor) : provide a default impl.
      	(gog_styled_object_get_auto_style) : new.
      	* graph/gog-style.c :
      	    - Add support for auto* flags for the marker here, not GoMarker.
      	    - Support restoring auto for shapes and colours
      	* graph/gog-series.c (gog_series_init_style) : new.  Gives us finer
      	  control of what is themable.
      	* graph/gog-guru.c : Simplify our lives and only have 1 prop sheet at
      	  any given time.  No need to worry about updating when something
      	  changes externally (styles or dimensions)
      	* graph/gog-chart.c : Use the default editor and init_style
      	* graph/gog-graph.c : ditto
      	* graph/gog-axis.c : convert from ::interesting_fields -> ::init_style
      	* graph/gog-grid.c : ditto.
      	* graph/gog-label.c : ditto.
      	* graph/gog-legend.c : ditto.
  32. 28 Oct, 2003 1 commit
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      http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=125619 init the high/low button · d66343ca
      JodyGoldberg authored
      2003-10-27  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* graph/gog-axis.c (gog_axis_editor) : init the high/low button
      	* graph/plugins/plot_barcol/gog-line.c (gog_line_view_render) : clip
      	  markers and lines.
      	* graph/gog-renderer-pixbuf.c (clip_path) : new.
      	(gog_renderer_pixbuf_draw_path) : support the new clipping argument.
      	(gog_renderer_pixbuf_draw_polygon) : ditto.
      2003-10-27  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* openoffice-read.c (opencalc_content_dtd) : tack on a few more nodes
      	  to silence warnings.
      	* openoffice-read.c (oo_attr_int) : OUCH!  Minor typo crept in when
      	  adding namespace support that broke importing all integers !  In
      	  this case it showed up because the integer was specifying spans.
      	* openoffice-read.c (openoffice_file_open) : OO uses C locale for
      	  numbers be careful to set and clear the locales appropriately.
      2003-10-27  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* boot.c (find_content_stream) : Move this logic here.
      	(excel_file_open) : from here.
      	(excel_file_probe) : so that this can share it.
      2003-10-27  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/sheet.c (cb_collect_cell) : preserve the recalc state.
  33. 15 Oct, 2003 1 commit
    • Jody Goldberg's avatar
      yet more renaming · 57d3f6f1
      Jody Goldberg authored
      A first pass at rationalizing the methods in CmdContext
      it still seems a triffle bulky.
  34. 11 Oct, 2003 1 commit
    • JodyGoldberg's avatar
      new to write csv files without intervention. (stf_init) : Use it. · 7a725771
      JodyGoldberg authored
      2003-10-10  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/stf.c (stf_write_csv) : new to write csv files without
      	(stf_init) : Use it.
      2003-10-09  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/libgnumeric.c : pull the ancient if BONOBO checks
      	* src/io-context-gtk.c (icg_show_gui) : mark the window as a splash.
      	* schemas/Makefile.am : make friendlier for rpm builders
  35. 09 Oct, 2003 1 commit
    • JodyGoldberg's avatar
      Release 1.2.1 · b762bb9d
      JodyGoldberg authored
      2003-10-08  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* Release 1.2.1
  36. 21 Sep, 2003 1 commit
    • JodyGoldberg's avatar
      new util. (xl_get_op_class) : wrapper to help calculate the result class. · 61859acd
      JodyGoldberg authored
      2003-09-21  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* ms-formula-write.c (xl_map_char_to_type) : new util.
      	(xl_get_op_class) : wrapper to help calculate the result class.
      	(write_cellref_v7) : handle operand classes.
      	(write_cellref_v8) : handle operand classes.
      	(excel_formula_write_CELLREF) : ditto and operator mapping.
      	(excel_formula_write_AREA) : ditto.
      	(write_funcall) : ditto.
      	(excel_formula_write_NAME_v8) : ditto.
      	(excel_formula_write_NAME_v7) : ditto.
      	(write_node) : ditto.
      	(excel_write_formula) : collect more information on the calling context
      2003-09-18  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* ms-escher.c (excel_write_MS_O_DRAWING_GROUP) : Add UserDefined to
      	  silence some warnings.
      2003-09-16  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* ms-formula-write.c : push all the 'shared' arguments into the
      	  PolishData that we're passing around anyway.
      	* ms-formula-write.c (excel_write_prep_expr) : register functions that
      	  exist only in arrays too.
      	* ms-excel-util.c (init_xl_font_widths) : add Albany
      2003-09-20  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* graph/plugins/plot_barcol/gog-1.5d.c (gog_plot1_5d_axis_bounds) :
      	  only valid series can contribute to an index dimension.
      	* graph/plugins/plot_xy/gog-xy.c (gog_xy_plot_axis_bounds) : ditto.
      	* graph/gog-renderer-gnome-print.c (get_font) : respect zoom.
      	* graph/gog-style.c (font_init) : set the font _before_ connecting the
      	  signal. doh!
      2003-09-18  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/gui-util.c (cb_free_keyed_dialog_context) : remove the
      	  unnecessary precondition.  If we're being called during wbcg::finalize
      	  then the data is already gone.
  37. 16 Aug, 2003 1 commit
    • JodyGoldberg's avatar
      A bit of tidying to make 70184 simpler renamed from cell_is_blank. All · 354db665
      JodyGoldberg authored
      2003-08-16  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	A bit of tidying to make 70184 simpler
      	* src/cell.c (cell_is_empty) : renamed from cell_is_blank.  All
      	  callers changed.
      	(cell_is_blank) : new function that handles "" too.
      	* src/sheet-filter.c (cb_collect_unique) : Use it here.
      	(cb_filter_non_blanks) : here.
      	(cb_filter_blanks) : and here.
  38. 01 Aug, 2003 1 commit
    • Andreas J. Guelzow's avatar
      switch from sheet pointer to sheet indices throughout · 870916d6
      Andreas J. Guelzow authored
      2003-07-31  Andreas J. Guelzow  <aguelzow@taliesin.ca>
      	* src/commands.c: switch from sheet pointer to sheet indices
      	(cmd_reorganize_sheets_delete_sheets): deleted
      	(cmd_reorganize_sheets_delete_get_this_sheet_info): new
      	(cmd_reorganize_sheets_delete_shift_list): new
      	(cmd_reorganize_sheets_delete_cmp_f): new
      	(cmd_reorganize_sheets_delete_get_all_sheets_info): new
      	(cmd_reorganize_sheets_delete_recreate_sheet): new
      	(cmd_reorganize_sheets_delete_free): new
      	(cmd_reorganize_sheets_fix_list): new
      	(cmd_reorganize_sheets_undo): do most of the work here rather than
      	  in workbook_sheet_reorganize
      	(cmd_reorganize_sheets_redo): ditto
      	(cmd_reorganize_sheets): handle deletion
      	(cmd_reorganize_sheets_finalize): handle deletion
      	* src/commands.h: change arguments to cmd_reorganize_sheets
      	* src/workbook-control-gui.c (insert_sheet_at): new
      	(cb_insert_sheet): use insert_sheet_at
      	(cb_append_sheet): change call to cmd_reorganize_sheets
      	(delete_sheet_if_possible): use cmd_reorganize_sheets
      	(sheet_action_clone_sheet): temporarily append clone sheet (rather
      	  than insert) to protect the undo-chain
      	(cb_edit_duplicate_sheet): ditto
      	(cb_sheet_label_drag_data_received): change arguments to
      	* src/workbook.c (workbook_sheet_by_index): handle index -1
      	(workbook_sheet_reorder): drop last argument
      	(workbook_sheet_reorder_by_idx): new
      	(workbook_sheet_recolor): new
      	(workbook_sheet_rename): new
      	(workbook_sheet_rename_check): new
      	(workbook_sheet_change_protection): new
      	(workbook_sheet_reorganize): delete
      	* src/workbook.h (workbook_sheet_reorder): drop last argument
      	(workbook_sheet_reorder_by_idx): new
      	(workbook_sheet_recolor): new
      	(workbook_sheet_rename): new
      	(workbook_sheet_rename_check): new
      	(workbook_sheet_change_protection): new
      	(workbook_sheet_reorganize): delete
      2003-07-31  Andreas J. Guelzow <aguelzow@taliesin.ca>
      	* ms-excel-read.c (excel_workbook_destroy): remove last argument
      	  in workbook_sheet_reorder
      2003-07-31  Andreas J. Guelzow  <aguelzow@taliesin.ca>
      	* dialog-sheet-order.c (cb_ok_clicked): use sheet indices
      	  rather than sheet pointers, adjust arguments to
      2003-07-31  Andreas J. Guelzow <aguelzow@taliesin.ca>
      	* applix-read.c (applix_read): remove last argument
      	  in workbook_sheet_reorder, replace workbook_sheet_reorganize
      	  with workbook_sheet_rename