describe how to use rust nightly

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......@@ -16,6 +16,32 @@ The goal of this Gnome-class crate is to let you write GObject
implementations in Rust with minimal or no boilerplate, and with
compile-time type safety all along.
## Requirements
Gnome-class is a Rust procedural macro. We make use of the
`proc-macro2` crate, which as of March 2018 requires the **Rust
nightly** toolchain. This is probably easiest to set up with
[`rustup`], which will install the Rust/Cargo toolchain in your home
directory, without overwriting your system's installation.
Once you are in the `rustup` environment, you can select the nightly
toolchain as the default like this:
rustup default nightly
Or if you don't want to make that the default, but still work on
gnome-class, you can be careful to type
cargo +nightly test
instead of the usual "`cargo test`" you would use for development.
## How gnome-class works
Gnome-class is a procedural macro for Rust. Within the macro, we
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