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status-icons: Fix validation errors

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......@@ -83,7 +83,7 @@
<td><p>Allows you to quickly toggle various accessibility settings.</p></td>
<td its:translate="no" align="right">
<td its:translate="no">
<if:when test="platform:gnome-classic">
<media src="figures/classic-topbar-pointer.svg"/>
......@@ -260,7 +260,13 @@
<section id="networkicons">
FIXME: I don't want a bare desc, because it ends up in the section links above.
But this section also gets a seealso from, and we'd like a
desc for that. In Mallard 1.2, we can use role on desc. It works in Yelp, but
it's not in a schema yet, so it will cause validation errors in CI.
<desc type="link" role="seealso">Explains the meanings of the networking icons in the top bar.</desc>
<title>Networking icons</title>
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