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Merge FlatpakItem and SystemItem -> Introduce KrFlatpak type

Felix Häcker requested to merge item-refactor into main
  • Merge SystemItem with FlatpakItem to KrItem to allow reusing the same widgets (eg. KrItemRow, KrItemDialog)
  • Rework Keyfile into KrFlatpak which holds the items as model so listboxes can be updated dynamically
  • Automatically show/hide the app sections for KrOverviewPage depending on whether they contain items or not
  • Add empty state view to KrFlatpakItemsPage
  • Add placeholder icon for uninstalled apps
  • Lot of refactoring / cleanup / fixes
    • Bind widget values to properties where possible
    • Don't fill listboxes manually, use models everywhere


Edited by Felix Häcker

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