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Miscellaneous UI / widgets refactoring and cleanup

Felix Häcker requested to merge ui-cleanup into main
  • Merge of "Flatpaks" and "System" tabs (#10 (closed))
  • Show ">" icon for flatpak rows to indicate that it opens a subpage
  • Upgrade to latest gtk-rs release
  • Port to new adw dialogs

And a bit renaming

  • Consistently use "flatpak" in codebase, and "app" in user interface
  • PageApps -> OverviewPage
  • PageItems -> FlatpakItemsPage
  • AppList -> FlatpakAppList
  • AppRow -> FlatpakAppRow

SystemItems / SystemRow are untouched, I think I'll make those generic for different collections and not just the system one - but out of scope for this MR.


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