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Binding to objects defined in `.ui`-files are auto generated via
$ ./build-aux/
You have to execute this script after adding, changing or removing ids from `.ui`-files. The bindings can be found in `src/ui/`. Using only those bindings allows to catch all errors in accessing builder elements on compile time.
## Debugging
The STDIO log level can be adjusted by setting the `RUST_LOG` to debug or trace. For example
$ RUST_LOG=trace cargo run
There is also the option to log to syslog
$ cargo run --syslog
However, flatpaks do not support syslog by default.
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- [Vorta](, borg-backup as backend, supports scheduled backups, Qt frontend for advanced users
- [Déjà Dup Backups](, duplicity (librsync) as backend, supports scheduled backups, GTK frontend
## Build
## Building
You need [Rust]( to build Pika
Building via [cargo]( not involving meson is supported.
$ apt install libgtk-3-dev
$ apt install libgtk-3-dev borg-backup
$ cargo test
$ cargo run
Run with `RUST_LOG` set to debug or trace. For example
Using meson also installs a `.desktop`-file etc.
$ RUST_LOG=trace cargo run
$ meson builddir && cd builddir
$ meson compile
$ meson test
$ meson install
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