Authored by FrHun

Tiling proposal

This is just a collection of ideas on how the current tiling system could be improved.

(may need to loging to gitlab to view) Tiling_proposal PDF other link


  • column oriented workflow for normal monitors, row oriented for vertical ones
  • switching between windows that are part of a column, switches the whole column
  • (maybe) preserving width when switching columns
  • inserting new colums/rows by draging window between existing ones

related Issues

more problems/improvements

  • snap zones between windows (i.e. in the middle of the screen) could get in the way of dragging around normal floating windows
    • Fix: put a delay before displaying the new outline, and only commit to the tiling action after an additional delay to avoid unwanted tiling when the user lets go right after the first timer expired
    • disable snap zones between windows when the monitor they're on is not wide/tall enough (by default, option in tweaks would be nice)
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