Authored by Gaurav Agrawal 🌳

GUADEC TALKS and Bof's Type Title
1 BOF Free Desktop Dark Style Preference
3 BOF Newcomers Workshop
5 BOF GTK & GStreamer in Rust Workshop
6 BOF GNOME Documentation and Localization BoF
7 BOF Engagement BoF
8 Talk Setting a Positive Voice for GNOME
9 Talk Desktop Secrets Management for the Future
10 Talk Managing GNOME Sessions with Systemd
11 Talk Gitlab - A Year in Review and What Should Come Next
12 Talk Designing Multi-Process Application Security
14 Talk Portals - Principles and Practice
15 Talk Hack: Embedding Learning Tools in the OS
16 Talk State of the Shell
17 Talk Moving GNOME to Another Reality
19 Talk Help - I'm Falling in Love with Flatpak (Richard Brown)
20 Talk Wineglass - How to Make Wine Accessible (Alex Angelou)
21 Talk GNU HEALTH: The Fight for our Rights in the Public Health System
22 Talk Intern Lightning Talks
23 Talk Sandboxing WebKitGTK
24 Talk Environmentally Friendly GNOME
25 Workshop/BOF Impostor Syndrome Workshop
26 Talk Packing up Boxes
27 Talk Building the GNOME Community in Africa
28 Workshop/BOF Unconscious Bias Workshop
29 Talk Freedesktop-sdk Status Update and Future Plans
30 Talk Simple is Hard - Creating Beautiful App Icons
31 Talk Modernizing Desktop Linux Development with Containers
32 Talk GNOME UX: Strategies & Tactics
33 Talk Maintaining a Flatpak Repository
34 Talk About Maintainers and Contributors
35 Talk Tracker 3.0 (Sam T and Carlos G)
36 Talk Recruiting diamonds in the rough - finding open source developers (Kat)
37 Talk Introducing User Research to non-UXers
38 Talk The Need for a FreeDesktop Dark Style Preference
39 Talk Is the Linux Desktop Really Dead?
40 Talk USB Borne Attacks and Usable Defence Mechanisms
41 Talk Taking Out The Garbage (And How You Can Help)
42 Talk Accessibility Features for Mutter/GNOME Shell on Wayland
43 Talk Designing GNOME Mobile Apps
44 Talk GDPR and ePrivacy: Compliance Nightmares for GNOME and Open-Source Projects?
45 Talk The Growth of GNOME
46 Talk Usability Testing
47 Talk Product metrics & respecting privacy
48 Talk Supercharging app upgrades (James Henstridge)
49 Talk Lightning Talks
50 Talk Free Software/Utopia
126 Bytes
  • I can count 9 BOF's here including the titles: Unconscious Bias Workshop , Impostor Syndrome Workshop.

  • Rest 50 - 9 = 41 are talks, but I am not sure about the lightning talks, here are two entries of them, where one of that were Intern Lightning talks and other was normal lightning talks.

  • Sno. Type Title
    1 Lightning Talk Linux in Edinburgh
    2 Lightning Talk Companion app development
    3 Lightning Talk GThree: 3D rendering in GTK
    4 Lightning Talk Flatpak external data checker
    5 Lightning Talk Graphene: maths is hard, CPUs are harder
    6 Lightning Talk How to survive a speaker having a heart attack on stage
    7 Lightning Talk Funny face detection effects in Cheese
  • @kristiprogri please take a look.!

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