Authored by FrHun

gnome-software screenshot scaling problems

Related to issue:

With this patch applied at 200%: Bildschirmfoto_von_2019-05-17_13-58-13 With this patch applied at 100%: Bildschirmfoto_von_2019-05-17_13-57-27 Without this patch at 200%: Bildschirmfoto_von_2019-05-17_13-58-53 Without this patch at 100%: Bildschirmfoto_von_2019-05-17_13-59-21

The patch below fixes the cropped image on 200% scaling but the detection of screenshots that are actually meant to use the wallpaper composition feature seems to be completely broken, as it behaves differently depending on the scaling factor.

Weird alpha detection:

source of detection:

scaling.diff 1.56 KB
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