Authored by Georges Basile Stavracas Neto

GNOME Shell and Mutter: better, faster, cleaner

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  • So I went ahead and wiped out ClutterContent from StTextureCache. Then wiped it out entirely from GNOME Shell.

    I guess you mean you wiped out ClutterTexture?

  • Interestingly, XWayland windows are X11 windows with a Wayland surface. Which now makes it possible to find out if a particular window is an XWayland window using GNOME Shell's Looking Glass:

    This was already possible by looking at MetaWindoWayland vs MetaWindowXwayland in a Wayland session. In an Xorg session, everything is MetaWindowX11.

  • MetaWindowActor has now the same split

    It's not the same really. The MetaSurfaceActor split is for the backing (Pixmap vs wl_surface), while the MetaWindowActor split is for the window management (xdg-shell/wl_subcompositor et al vs X11 window manager magic).

  • Cogl uses color-based picking

    Clutter uses ..

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