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groovy.lang: correctly highlight ${} placeholders with braces in them

Currently, the first closing brace encountered in such a placeholder
is assumed to end it, even if it actually just ends a nested block.
To correct this, treat braced blocks as nested contexts.
parent 70a854a5
......@@ -324,6 +324,19 @@
<context ref="operator"/>
<context ref="null-value"/>
<context ref="boolean"/>
To be able to tell apart closing braces that end a ${} placeholder
and ones that end a block inside such a placeholder,
treat braced blocks as nested contexts.
<context ref="groovy"/>
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ def notSlashy = 1 /2/ 3 // not a slashy string; just two division operators
def dollarSlashy = $/Dollar slashy string.
There are three escape sequences: $$ $/ \
Interpolation works: $_ ${true}
Interpolation works: $_ ${x.collect { it + '\n' }.join('')}
Dollars $ and backslashes \ on their own are interpreted literally./$
0b10i + 0b0110_1011 // binary numbers
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