1. 26 Feb, 2019 3 commits
    • Florian Müllner's avatar
      ci: Use custom image for JS checks · 72be8eeb
      Florian Müllner authored
      Running dnf to update and install additional packages every time
      the job is executed slows down the CI pipeline. Avoid this by
      using another custom images for JS source checks.
      In addition to the js shell we use for the existing syntax check,
      also include eslint for future jobs and some extension-specific
      tooling to make the image more useful to extension authors.
    • Florian Müllner's avatar
      ci: Add build stage · 2d4989e9
      Florian Müllner authored
      So far we are only performing a basic syntax check on javascript
      sources; it's time to test the C code as well. As mutter is tightly
      coupled, we bite the bullet and build it as well, either using a
      matching branch (if it exists), or current master.
    • Florian Müllner's avatar
      ci: Sync check-commit-log script with mutter · d671eb19
      Florian Müllner authored
      A couple of cleanups came out from the review in mutter, catch
      up with those.
  2. 13 Feb, 2019 1 commit
    • Jonas Ådahl's avatar
      gitlab-ci.yml: Add check for issue or MR URL · 27d0d9f2
      Jonas Ådahl authored
      This adds a pipeline stage for merge requests that checks that the
      commit message contains an URL to either a issue or a merge request.
      This means that for merge requests without corresponding issues will
      always fail initially, as the merge request URL is not known until after
      it is created. This is still arguably better than accidentally merging
      merge requests without URLs.
      Taken from GNOME/mutter!440.