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      Add g_settings_schema_key_get_summary/description · 96a053e0
      Allison Karlitskaya authored
      Add an API to read the summary and description from the .xml schema
      This will be used by dconf-editor and gnome-tweak-tool.
      This API is a bit heavy -- it parses the XML and builds a table.  It
      also loads gettext domains for translation.  It only does these things
      if it is used, however, so it will not impact normal applications.
      We store the summary/description in a pair of hash tables on the schema
      source (which we have a backref to as of a few commits ago).  We can't
      use a global table because people might want to request summary and
      description from non-default sources.  We don't want to use per-schema
      tables because we'd have to reparse the directory every time (since we
      cannot guess which file a schema may have been in).
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      Make GSettingsSchemaKey public · 84fa07ae
      Allison Karlitskaya authored
      Take this private API and make it public along with a boxed type and
      ref/unref functions.
      Future commits will add accessors with new functionality and some that
      allow us to deprecate functions on GSettings itself (such as
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      GSettings: store (default, options) in gvdb · 3a062d2e
      Allison Karlitskaya authored
      gvdb just dropped the ability to have a separate "options" field.  We
      now store the options into a GVariant along with the default value.
      For now, we use a small shim in GSettingsSchema in order not to touch
      too much code.  A more complete rewrite will follow.
      This represents a change to the schema file format with another likely
      to follow.  glib-compile-schemas needs to be re-run after installing
      this change.
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